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The online resources I use for digital marketing2 min read

This is a list of the online resources I’ve used over the years in various digital marketing roles, as well as some new ones that are useful.

This is a list of the tools I’ve found useful over the years, as well as any new ones that I can see being useful in digital marketing. Most will be free, but there may be one or two that have paid-for features. I’ll mention this where appropriate. All links are in alphabetical order.

  • Adobe Kuler: A must if you’re not the best with colours (like me). By inputting the code of the main colour you’re using, Kuler will suggest shades that work well with it as well as an entire colour scheme if that’s what you’re after. Good for taking a look at what might work with a colour you’re stuck with.
  • Buffer: This might be too much of an admission, but I genuinely can’t imagine the internet – and social media – without Buffer. Not only is their post scheduling tool easy and simple to use, but their blogs are the most insightful and useful I’ve ever come across. They share all sorts about their findings and the company’s journey to date, and regularly update old posts to keep them relevant.
  • Canva: Canva is my go-to image editor for creating headers and social media images for the web. It’s even replaced the Adobe Creative Suite simply because it’s so easy to use and doesn’t involve having to remember all of the different dimensions. It contains loads of free to use elements, fonts, and pictures, although some of the better ones do have a cost involved (I haven’t paid for anything on it yet though).
  • Compressor is a free online tool that reduces the file sizes of your images. Handy if want to make your site load faster (which you should).
  • Sprout Social’s Always-Up-To-Date Social Media Image Sizes: Yes it’s a mouthful, but if you want to create your own images for social media without using a handy tool like Canva then Sprout Social’s document is crucial. You can subscribe to it for notifications when it gets updated, meaning you’ll find out the second any social media image sizes change.
  • Trello: When I first put this list together I missed Trello out completely, despite the fact it’s probably the site I use most of all. Trello is – in my opinion – the ultimate productivity app. You use ‘boards’ to organise your tasks and projects, setting deadlines and making notes on each. It’s free, so worth trying if you’re looking for a solution to your productivity woes.
  • Unsplash: Free, high resolution photography you can use for your business. It’s where I’ve sourced a lot of images for this site.