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Ofcom and marketing generalisations1 min read

With the intention of trying to challenge commonly-held assumptions, and provide context for marketing decisions, I made a quiz based on Ofcom research.

This week – probably more than any other week during my time as a trainer – I’ve spent a lot of time discussing stereotypes and generalisations with our learners.

The goal was to work with the learners to help them establish better profiles of their target audience without relying on potentially damaging generalisations such as “everyone under the age of 25 uses apps”, and that people over 50 don’t use the internet.

If they’re backed up with stats and research then these kinds of statements are useful – invaluable even – however there’s a definite tendency to lump user habits into broad age ranges and disappear down the pub after a job well done. Mark Ritson illustrated this while talking about millennials better than I ever will.

I decided, therefore, to try and provide some evidence for decisions and challenge a few assumptions. Armed with Ofcom’s Communications Market Report, published in August 2017, I created a quick six-question test based on the section on online usage. You can give it a go yourself below.

It was intended as a bit of fun, while also generating some discussion at the beginning of a session, but it was interesting to hear some of the reasons behind the two groups’ choices.