My name is Scott Goodacre. I’m a social media and digital marketing trainer.

I’m currently part of the team at Digital Allies, where I work as their Training Lead. This means I’m responsible for developing our training, as well as delivering these sessions to businesses and individuals.

When I’m not doing that, I’m keeping up with my freelance work at SG North. It’s important to me to keep my hands dirty – as it were – in the marketing industry. I have helped companies in north east England with their websites, social media, and AdWords.

I’m really interested in how companies are using social media to communicate with audiences. I share a lot of what I read on Twitter. I pay particular attention to sports marketing, especially football, through my website The Online Rule.

To see more of what I’ve done, you can find me on LinkedIn. Feel free to use any of the channels I’ve mentioned to get in touch, or email me at